Exciting new charging initiative in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

I was walking on the street in my neighbourhood and noticed a new charging initiative that Sint-Pieters-Woluwe commune is testing. Using the electricity grid of street lighting they have installed new slow charging points for electric vehicles.

To me this seems a great solution. It leverages the existing electricity supply infrastructure, requires no additional space and solves the main issue that electric car owners without garage have – availability of slow charging where you park your car.

If only a part of the lamp posts in the cities had chargers on them, that would remove one of the main issues that hinder the electrification of private transportation – unavailability of slow charging where you park.

I have not tested the speed of those installations yet, and do not know if they are 1 of 3 phase. But for overnight parking it seems that even 16A one phase connection would be sufficient. More is always better – that increases the number of use cases for this infrastructure.