Economic impacts of the catenary electric road system implementation in Flanders

I am excited to announce the publication of our research paper titled “Economic impacts of the catenary electric road system implementation in Flanders” in the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, that we wrote together with Thierry Vanelslander.

Our paper explores the deployment of catenary electric road systems (ERS) on the Flemish road network in Belgium. We investigate the economic impacts of implementing this technology on the road haulage industry, their clients, and wider society under different technology adoption scenarios. We also identify the most optimal way of building a catenary network in Flanders and potential synergies that could come from implementing ERS in neighboring countries.

The findings show that catenary ERS has the potential to be developed into an economically sustainable and relatively cheap way of decarbonizing road freight transport. It offers considerable economic incentives for all involved stakeholders and is beneficial to society as a whole.

I would like to express our sincere appreciation to all who provided invaluable assistance, advice and support throughout this research: Aldo PeetersSophie DelannoyToon WassenbergPatrik Ã…kermanArjan van VlietKlaas Van Cauwenberg, and many others.

To learn more about our research, please follow the link to the full paper:

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