Strange measurement units in European EVs

I try to buy local and think that it is wasteful to transport freight on large distances if goods can be produced locally, especially cars. But it seems that for electric vehicles it is reasonable to make an exception until Tesla starts building their vehicles in Germany this July or August.

In the electric vehicle fan community European electric vehicles are said to be of lesser quality. They have worst battery performance, they lack features that are important to EV owners, software tends to be glitchy and they have less power than their rivals made elsewhere.

Image source: TeslaBjorn

The reason seems to be the attention to detail, and I think this photo of power consumption meter from Mercedes EQA 250 is examplary of that. There clearly is something wrong with the approach taken in Europe if an engineer can say that power can be measured in kWh/h instead of kW. Also, it is rather strange to come up with a scale from 0 to 50 where 0.8 is in the middle.